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2018: Inaugural Issue

You-niversity? Perceptions on the public effectiveness of university knowledge production

December 6, 2018


Are universities accountable to their students? To their communities? To their governments? To humankind? Who represents the public’s interests when it comes to evaluating these so-called “public” institutions? In the conversation around public scholarship, we felt we were hearing only scholars’ voices, and none of the public’s. To try to remedy this imbalance, we reached out to members of the public and professors in our community and asked them about their perceptions on university knowledge production. We created two simple open-ended surveys — one for the public, one for professors — to capture how these groups think about the university and its role in the community. To find out what we learned about university knowledge production, you can read our article on or take a look at the complete (anonymyzed) results of the survey here.