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Making Knowledge Public

About the Journal

Making Knowledge Public (MKP) aims to bridge the gap in access to knowledge between academia and the general public. We encourage emerging researchers (students!) to not underestimate the public value of their work. We believe that, in today’s climate, it is more important than ever for young and emerging scholars to engage with the public sphere in more purposeful ways. 

MKP achieves these goals in three ways: 

  • By publishing contributions to public knowledge in the form of original student work that would otherwise not have a platform. In this way, MKP showcases student’s valuable ideas. Our editorial team is especially eager to publish high quality work that cuts across disciplines and that makes connections between traditionally distinct fields, but will consider disciplinary work as well. 
  • By publishing contributions that discuss new and innovative ways of making knowledge public and accessible in the form of essays, op-eds, and multimedia pieces, that touch upon discussions around open access,open pedagogy, and public knowledge.
  • By publishing engagement with the work of others. We showcase the responses and comments that students contribute in online spaces, such as on social media, news articles, and blogs. Some examples of things we would consider publishing are works that engage with contemporary research, current news stories, and scholarly discourse on social media.