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2018: Inaugural Issue

It’s Public Knowledge, Episode 1: A podcast about making research and knowledge more accessible

December 5, 2018


It’s Public Knowledge is a podcast about the limits of access(ibility) to knowledge and research.
Research, even if publicly funded, has traditionally only be available to those who pay for a subscription to academic journals. Open access publishing is an important step in improving access for the general public, but it still doesn’t address the question of accessibility for many marginalized groups.
Vanessa and Kari explore the barriers experienced by different people, across the spectrum of (dis)ability, as well as other factors including income and geography, in trying to find, access, and understand published research. Issues regarding collaborative research and full participation in the research process are also considered, as part of the bigger picture of research accessibility.

The views and experiences of persons with disabilities and others who confront restrictions beyond the usual discussions of open access, are brought into the discussion through personal interviews, TED talks, social media, and much more.

It’s Public Knowledge contemplates the limits of open access for many members of society, and considers the ethical and practical questions regarding the how and why of making research truly open, accessible and transparent – for everyone.