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2018: Inaugural Issue

Comment on: The Difference Between a Tantrum and an Autistic Meltdown

November 27, 2018


This is a comment on the CBC parenting opinion piece The Difference Between a Tantrum and an Autistic Meltdown

Thank you Dyan, for your thoughts and your great list! 

As you mention yourself, all individuals with autism diagnoses are different - so remember that not all tips will be helpful for everyone. One of my children likes deep pressure, for instance, and the other definitely does not. 

As a parent and researcher, I find the insights and experiences of adults with diagnoses very helpful in understanding what is going on with children. There's tons of self-advocacy information like blogs, websites, and even support groups out there, and I would encourage any parent who hasn't done so to connect with them. 

A great and easy place to start is #actuallyautistic hashtag.

The comment can be found at this comment link.