Publishing Experiences for Indigenous Authors and Authors of Colour in Canada

A visual story featuring cats!


  • Wai Lam (Claudia) Tam PUB 371 SFU


The Canadian publishing industry presents certain challenges for Indigenous authors and Authors of colour. This visual story along with some commentary aims to touch upon some of the struggles such as having their work edited to fit mainstream ideals which robs a part of their identity, being rejected for telling their own stories because of their identity, and feeling out of place in a white dominated industry. While there are Indigenous authors and Authors of colour getting published, the mentioned issues still remain and more, and is seen amongst other minority groups as well. However, it is important to remember that while they all face struggles within and outside the publishing industry, communities and individuals of minority communities have their unique stories and would require more learning, researching, and listening to understand their unique perspective and experiences of their struggles.






Part Five: Diversity and Inclusivity