Is Canada's Literary Scene Worth Staying For?

Canada vs. US, UK, & Europe


  • Brigitte Leong-Chung student
  • Elvira Chan
  • Samuel Bellgam


A research essay unfolding the complexity of Canada's new yet growing literary industry. Major cities around the world, including the US, UK, and parts of Europe have well-established publishing companies and very appealing opportunities for our local writing talent. In the 1960's, many Canadian felt that in order to find greater success in writing, moving away was a necessary step. This paper looks into examples of writers who have left, those who have returned, and the driving forces behind this movement. However, as the Canadian literary scene continues to grow and thrive, we also explore the current views of these authors to understand if there still is that same motivation to leave. 

Brigitte Leong-Chung
Elvira Chan
Samuel Bellgam






Part One: The History and Present of Canadian Book Publishing