Technology in the Classroom is Changing the Publishing Landscape


  • Jeffrey Tse SFU


education, education publishing, technology, podcast, technology in education publishing


The education system in Canada is currently facing a difficult situation regarding the transformation of technology. There has been increasing support over recent years to have more technology implemented in classrooms, yet we have not seen many major changes being implemented. Is the education publishing industry trying to maintain their profits and neglecting our students? Or are there other reasons? Looking at the pros and cons of having a more digital environment in the classroom, this paper will identify the strengths and weaknesses of having a predominantly digital environment. Additionally, this paper will use the research done Rollans and de la Cheneliere (2010) to examine the position that education publisher takes and the challenges they face trying to implement a more digital environment. An analysis of potential solutions will be conducted to show K-12 education possible ways to tackle the issue.






Part Three: Educational Publishing in Canada